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The Companion, an organisation of Muslim men in business and the professions, was establishedin 1384 A.H (1984) in Lagos, Nigeria. The central focus remains all-round human development based on the principles of Islam as enunciated by Allah in the Quran, exemplified by the Prophet(SAW), and lived by the rightly guided companions. It is to practice and present Islam as the vibrant and all-time valid system concerned not only with spiritual life but human development as a whole.Our pogrammes and activities have been organised around five (5) major themes: Daawah (Propagation and Enlightenment), Education, Economic Empowerment, Community Engagement, and Good Governance.
The Companion, working in concert with other Muslim organisations, its usual working philosophy, has lately focused on the need to strengthen the Muslim Ummah, foster unity and evolve credible leadership for the Muslims. These efforts have recorded some modest achievements, the notable one being The Leadership Roundtable Project that has since led to the formation of Muslim Ummah of South-West Nigeria (MUSWEN), an emerging umbrella and coordinating organisation for Muslims in the region.
The Companion has Districts in some parts of the country including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) all of which report to, and are coordinated by the National Headquarters. Each District in turn has Zones. Activities of the organisation are carried out through Directorates and members are assigned to Directorates based on professional skills and interests.
Other activities include:
  1. Daawah Luncheon  an annual programme for generating funds for projects that benefit the society at large.
  2. Extra Mural Classes, Career Development, and Scholarships for indigent students.
  3. Entrepreneurial skills development and facilitation of formation of business enterprises amongst members and others, including the Companion Co-operative, Thrift and Credit Society.
  4. Visits and gift to prisons, motherless babies homes, hospitals, and other less privileged homes such as the school for the blind
  5. Publications of books and encouragement of authorship by members and others.
  6. The Inshirah Trust Fund of The Companion established for providing relief for the needy formed the nucleus for the take off The Muslim Welfare Fund, a collaborative welfare effort of some Muslim organisations.
  7. Good Governance Initiative, The Companion organ that focuses on political enlightenment, encouragement of Muslims to be active players in the political process, accountable leadership and responsible citizenry

(1) The mode of operation of The Companion at the National level is by Committee(s) and at the
District level by Directorates.
(2) Committees /Directorates are headed by the appropriate member of the Executive Councils
(3) Every member of a District belong to at least a Directorate
(4) The Committees/directorates and their respective Heads are as listed below:
(a) Dawah - Naibu l Amir
(b) Education - Assistant Secretary General
(c) Public Affairs - Public Affairs Secretary
(d) Social and Welfare - Welfare Secretary
(e) Business and Finance - Finance Secretary
(f) Planning and Strategy - Secretary General


The National Executive Council of The Companion comprises of the following officers:
(a) National Amir
(b) Naibul-Amir
(c) Secretary General
(d) Assistant Secretary General
(e) Finance Secretary
(f) Treasurer
(g) Public Affairs Secretary
(h) Welfare Secretary
(i) Internal Auditor
(j) Ex-officio:
(1) Past Amirs
(2) Districts Amirs

The District Executive Council comprises of the underlisted officers:
(a) District Amir
(b) Naibul-Amir
(c) Secretary General
(d) Assistant Secretary General
(e) Financial Secretary
(f) Treasurer
(g) Public Affairs Secretary
(h) Welfare Secretary
(i) Internal Audito
(j) Ex-Officio: Past District Amirs, Usra Zonal Co-coordinators
At the end of The Companion Elective National Conference held at the University o Lagos Guest Houses & Conference Centre on Saturday, 14th October, 2017, a new National Executive Council was inaugurated as follows:
(a) Alhaji Thabit Wale Sonaike of Lagos District - National Amir (President)
(b) Engr. Kamil Olalekan, fnse of Kwara District- Naibul Amir (Vice President)
(c) Engr. Musbau Olalekan of Lagos District - Secretary General
(d) Bro. Saheed Amoo of Lagos District - Assistant Secretary General
(e) Alhaji Ishaq Awotunde of Osun DDistrict- Treasurer
(f) Alhaji Tajudeen Shuaib of Kwara District- Finance Secretary
(g) Tpl Kamor Ogunfowora of Lagos District - Public Affairs Secretary
(h) Alhaji Lukman Durosinmi  of Abuja (FCT) District- Internal Auditor
(i) Bro. Wasiu Alli-Balogun of Oyo District Welfare Secretary


(a) Alhaji Musibau Oyefeso
(b) Alhaji Mumini Alao

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Nay more, it is for Us to explain it (and make it clear): 75:19

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Topic: Corruption And The Challenge of Good Governance in Nigeria

Sunday, June 22, 2014

University of Lagos Main Auditorium at 10 .00 am.

Guset Speaker:
Malam Nasir el-Rufai, (former Minister of Federal capital Territory.)  

All members of the public are invited.
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